I was showing http://cuil.com to a colleague – I like the three column view – when I noticed this rather unexpected image appear when I did a search for Martin Fowler : http://www.cuil.com/search?q=martin+fowler

So who is that youngster that appears? Did Martin clone himself a few years back and is starting to accustom us to his new younger avatar?

Martin Fowler's clone?

The photo does not appear on the linked page that I can see, and the image link itself http://www.cuilimg.com/imgsrv?i=020410:620124592474843 doesn’t help. But there is a clue in the categories on the right hand side :

Cuil search for Martin Fowler categories

So here is the solution - it seems that Martin has actually been a fictional character all along, and indeed Patterns of Enterprise Application Architecture itself is a subtle astroturfing campaign to add credibility to a character in an english soap opera

Who knew? :-)