Finding things on Microsoft's site is an exercise in frustration.

Here is a case in point. I am looking for a fix to a problem caused when trying to open a VSTO (Office) project in Visual Studio. I get a helpful error that says "The project type is not supported by this installation.". There are a few places around the web that talk of this problem and suggest ways to fix it. I follow one link to an MS web page:

Unfortunately this is an old link, and the page no longer exists. MS use their flagship Live Search to give me a set of alternatives. Unfortunately, and insanely stupidly, the very first link that comes up as a result of the search is the same link that I was trying to go to in the first place -- the one that doesn't exist.


Interestingly when I put the same search into Google and follow the link, I get the same 'not found' error but the first link on the page is not the recursive search link.